Refreshing Corporate Strategy

The VP of Strategy at a F100 packaged goods company was looking to refresh the organization’s biennial strategic plan. In the past, the client engaged traditional firms to do the work. Growing frustrated with the cost and the constant stream of junior consultants, however, he decided it was time for a more focused solution. He reached out to Business Talent Group to try a new approach—just two experienced, yet hands-on, CPG consultants.

We delivered two partner-level McKinsey consultants to work alongside the client’s strategy team for two months. Each consultant had significant experience in marketing and growth strategy in CPG. Each was also senior enough to take on broad pieces of work without much oversight. The consultants worked with the client team to review results from past frameworks and processes, and were able to quickly assess current priorities and plans. The result: a quick, effective update of the corporate strategic plan at a cost of almost one-third of what a traditional consulting firm would have charged.

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