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Accelerating a Go-to-Market Strategy

The head of global marketing at a Fortune 100 life science company faced gaps in his team’s capabilities after an enterprise-wide reorganization. As he prepared to re-launch a product within its core clinical market, it became clear that he couldn’t wait to make full-time hires to develop an effective go-to-market strategy.

BTG’s consultant was a former McKinsey engagement manager who was also a trained physician. His previous industry experience — as a Medical Director at top medical device manufacturer — gave him an especially practical perspective on brand strategy and value proposition development.

By the end of the compact, 4-week engagement, BTG’s consultant delivered a go-to market strategy that encompassed the clinical, diagnostic, and payer perspectives. He then led two in-depth workshops to facilitate its adoption by the team.

Industries: Pharma/Life Science
Project Types: Growth
Functions: Marketing



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