4 Practical Steps to Patient Centric Marketing

patient centric marketing - doctor and patient

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a life science company that doesn’t strive for patient centricity—that doesn’t seek to incorporate patients’ views, needs, and priorities into the drug development process. What this means for marketers is that it’s more important than ever to create…


Agile For Business: 5 Tips For Getting Started

agile for business - women at scrum board

The majority of Agile use cases involve technology projects. After all, tech companies in the early 2000s—think Google, Apple, Shopify, Amazon, dot-com start-ups—were the first adopters of agile work methods. But that’s about to change. Increasingly, companies are realizing that the benefits of agile can…


What is InsurTech? Six Technologies Disrupting Insurance

what is insurtech - cracked touch screen

The insurance industry has been plagued by slow growth for years—particularly in mature markets like the US and Europe—and has lagged behind the overall economy for a decade. Fortunately, advances in technology are creating plenty of opportunities for growth. Can established insurance companies catch up?…


5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Ratings

customer ratings - thumbs up

Today’s B2C products live and die by customer ratings. If we are looking for Italian restaurants in a new city, we read the reviews. When we order a new set of sheets on Amazon, we filter by 4+ stars. Thanks to the increased availability of…


Line it Up: Why You Need to Align Culture and Strategy

culture and strategy - lining up blocks

Not long ago, the EVP of a multinational client called us in to say that his company had recently been through an expensive strategic planning exercise with a major consulting firm. The firm left them with a detailed implementation roadmap. And though the company had…


[eBook] Digitally Connecting the Retail Supply Chain

digitizing the supply chain: bar code reader

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are demanding. Spoiled by near infinite choice, expecting to be able to purchase anything at any time, from any device or location—and at the lowest price possible—they’re putting massive pressure on retail and CPG supply chains. Promising but vague…


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