Re-Imagining Healthcare: A Q&A With Sundeep Karnik

healthcare transformation - Sundeep Karnik headshot

Independent consultant Sundeep Karnik is a medical doctor who built his career delivering results in the business of healthcare. In our latest expert Q&A, he talks about the trends that are shaking the health and life science industries—and what companies can do to thrive in…


What Professional Services Gets Wrong About Corporate Culture

professional services corporate culture - stack of hands

It affects productivity, employee retention, and whether or not top talent want to work for a business. It’s what drives organizational success: how colleagues act, interact, and behave. Managing workplace culture is a critical business function, yet most professional services firms just wing it. By…


Behind The Buzzword: Digital Transformation in Life Science

digital transformation in life science - man with microscope and tablet

If you’re like most life science executives, you can’t go more than a few days without reading about new technologies that are poised to disrupt your business. You may have read about competitors who are committed to “going digital.” You may even have been tasked…


Why Corporate Culture is a Board Responsibility

corporate culture - businesspeople signing documents

Corporate boards tend to focus their meetings on “the hard stuff:” compliance, budgets, risk management, financing, CEO succession planning. Not surprisingly, putting company culture onto the board’s agenda can be difficult. Boards may feel that it is not their responsibility or that it is something…


What’s The Best Way To Measure Innovation ROI?

innovation roi - lightbulbs and chalkboard

According to the Gartner 2018 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, respondents who believe their company is an “innovation pioneer” reached a high last year of 41 percent, up from 27 percent in 2013. Responders are taking some measure of credit for moving their organizations…


Peter Drucker Management Advice: Re-examining Corporate Performance

peter drucker management advice office buildings

On June 21, Business Talent Group co-hosted a behind-the-scenes look at the Drucker Institute’s annual Management Top 250 list with Executive Director, Zach First. The list—based on Peter Drucker management principles and hailed as the first holistic corporate ranking—examines corporate performance through 37 indicators that…


[eBook] Digitizing Life Science

digital transformation in life science

The opportunity for digital transformation in life science has been apparent for some time. Industry watchers analyze the ways that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data will transform how companies develop products and boost patient engagement. Industry giants make bold proclamations about using digital…


Why the Agile Organization is Bigger Than You Think

agile organization

There’s been a growing interest among big companies in the so-called agile organization and agile workforce. The Harvard Business Review outlines how agile methodologies—in which cross-functional teams are empowered to work independently and iteratively on large, complex problems—are transforming talent management, boosting productivity, and improving…


How to Accelerate Your Next Digital Transformation: A Q&A With Saad Ayub

saad ayub digital transformations

Saad Ayub is a senior information technology strategist who has helped Business Talent Group clients develop new IT operating models and assess technology-enabled change programs. Here, he talks about how companies can align IT and business needs, think holistically about emerging technologies, and accelerate digital…


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