Why the Agile Organization is Bigger Than You Think

agile organization

There’s been a growing interest among big companies in the so-called agile organization and agile workforce. The Harvard Business Review outlines how agile methodologies—in which cross-functional teams are empowered to work independently and iteratively on large, complex problems—are transforming talent management, boosting productivity, and improving…


How to Accelerate Your Next Digital Transformation: A Q&A With Saad Ayub

saad ayub digital transformations

Saad Ayub is a senior information technology strategist who has helped Business Talent Group clients develop new IT operating models and assess technology-enabled change programs. Here, he talks about how companies can align IT and business needs, think holistically about emerging technologies, and accelerate digital…


Patient Engagement Strategies That Work for Life Science

patient engagement

If you work in Life Science, you’re probably familiar with the sobering statistics on nonadherence: between 20% and 30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, and roughly 50% of chronic disease medications aren’t taken as prescribed. The problem is complicated and costly. But by developing…


Behind the Buzzword: Digital Health

what is digital health

Like many fast-moving, tech powered domains, digital health has gone by a number of different names throughout the years: eHealth, mobile health, health 2.0, and connected health, to name a few. Proponents promise nothing less than a revolution. Digital health, they say, can deliver more…


New eBook – How Life Science Can Win With Digital Health

digital health life science

Digital health presents a compelling opportunity for life science companies, promising not just to increase patient adherence but boost engagement, improve outcomes, and add billions of dollars in incremental revenue over the next few years. Yet to succeed in beyond the pill, life science companies…


Preparing for a Successful Business Transformation

successful business transformation

These days—thanks to the pace of technological and market-driven disruptions—transformation has become the norm, not the exception. Disruptions create stress on an organization’s capacity to adapt and thrive. They also leave it susceptible to competitors for whom agility is a core competency. If you are…


Three Ways to Drive Operational Efficiencies

driving operational efficiencies

It can be tempting for operations executives to focus on the challenges that are unique to their businesses: why their processes and customers are different, for example, or what technical challenges set them apart. But lessons from one industry often apply to another. They can…


Project Implementation Best Practices: Choosing a Project Leader

project execution best practices - choosing a project leader: person drawing a yellow arrow with chalk on a chalkboard

Why is project implementation so challenging? According to an IBM survey of 1,500 change management executives, people issues are among the biggest barriers to success. In particular: 58% of executives struggled to change mindsets and attitudes 49% were stymied by corporate culture 32% cited a…


Marketing to Millennials? Three Things You Need To Get Right.

marketing to millennials: crowd of fans at

If you’re trying to reach today’s most lucrative market—millennials—you probably already know you need to bring it with your digital media, leveraging social channels for branding and performance marketing in order to address the complete consumer journey. To be successful in your efforts, you’ll also…


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