Behind the Buzzword: The Autonomous Supply Chain

autonomous supply chain - robotic warehouse

The drive for digitization is everywhere. What does that mean for supply chain planning? A number of companies and supply chain technologists are pursuing a vision they describe as the Autonomous Supply Chain—a supply chain that is largely self-learning, adapting, and holistically focused on continuously…


Do This Before You Hire Your Next Data Scientist

data scientist - big data visualization

It’s not exactly news to suggest that data analytics is an essential part of doing business. Almost all functions have, if begrudgingly, embraced it as way to understand customers and monitor business performance. Though companies have used data to drive decisions for over a century—think…


Top 10 Reasons to Engage an Independent Pharma Executive

charts and stethoscope - independent pharma exec

Life science marketing is complicated, thanks to stringent regulations—and a key customer base of patients, providers, and payers who have different needs and often divergent priorities. Pharma marketing teams are also facing large talent gaps as they work to find strategies that will address all…


Agile for Transformations: The Complete Guide

agile for transformations - geometry chalkboard

These days, it seems like everyone is undertaking a business transformation. Whether it’s about reorganizing to be more competitive, deepening customer connections, or simply not having an option not to change, executives are obsessed with transformation … and that’s a good thing. Identifying an opportunity…


6 Ways to Develop Effective Performance Metrics

concept of metrics - measuring tape

Measuring performance is an essential part of management, but there are some right ways and wrong ways to think about metrics. When done right, metrics are essential inputs to decision-making, driving new insight, and shaping decisions. Done wrong, metrics can become a waste of energy—and…


4 Practical Steps to Patient Centric Marketing

patient centric marketing - doctor and patient

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a life science company that doesn’t strive for patient centricity—that doesn’t seek to incorporate patients’ views, needs, and priorities into the drug development process. What this means for marketers is that it’s more important than ever to create…


Agile For Business: 5 Tips For Getting Started

agile for business - women at scrum board

The majority of Agile use cases involve technology projects. After all, tech companies in the early 2000s—think Google, Apple, Shopify, Amazon, dot-com start-ups—were the first adopters of agile work methods. But that’s about to change. Increasingly, companies are realizing that the benefits of agile can…


What is InsurTech? Six Technologies Disrupting Insurance

what is insurtech - cracked touch screen

The insurance industry has been plagued by slow growth for years—particularly in mature markets like the US and Europe—and has lagged behind the overall economy for a decade. Fortunately, advances in technology are creating plenty of opportunities for growth. Can established insurance companies catch up?…


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