Why Take a Programmatic Approach to Project Management?

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It’s challenging to resource major business transformations. Redeploying internal resources threatens daily operations, while adding full-time hires is time-consuming and inefficient for temporary initiatives. It can be even more challenging to keep everything on track, especially when you don’t have a full suite of project…


[PODCAST] The Gig Economy Grows Up

Jody Greenstone Miller podcast

In the Workplace is a podcast where Wharton professor Peter Cappelli and attorney Dan O’Meara take a look at workforce trends and the challenges that today’s business owners and job seekers face. The two sat down recently with Business Talent Group CEO Jody Greenstone Miller…


[PODCAST] What’s in a Name?

Business Talent Group (BTG) CEO Jody Greenstone Miller continues her discussion with host Chad Nitschke on his podcast, Ready. Set. Work. In Part 2, they expand further on the evolution of the gig economy, from the language that defines the industry—gig worker, freelancer, consultant, on-demand…


Is Your Company Ready to Build an Agile Workforce?

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If you’re interested in using the high-end gig economy to drive organizational agility, you’re not alone: according to Upwork, 72% of HR managers believe dynamic, agile team structures will soon become the norm. And if you suspect that your company isn’t yet making the most…


[PODCAST] Setting the Stage for the Gig Economy

Business Talent Group CEO Jody Greenstone Miller recently sat down with Ready. Set. Work. podcast host Chad Nitschke to discuss the evolution of the gig economy. In the first part of the two-part series, Jody reflects on the origins of the on-demand talent space and…


Business Talent Group Launches BTG Europe

Hillgate BTG - Europe at night

Business Talent Group is launching BTG Europe with the acquisition of UK-based Hillgate, a talent marketplace that provides agile workforce solutions to multinational Fortune 500 companies. The move expands BTG’s international footprint, scale, and position as the leading global marketplace for on-demand, high-end independent talent….


[PODCAST] Continued Demand for High-End Gig Economy

high-end gig economy

According to an ATD survey, 83% of companies report skills gaps that threaten their organization’s ability to prepare for the future. So it’s no surprise that more and more of them are trying to make better use of the high-end gig economy—especially given the segment’s…


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