Corporate Leadership

Case Study: Interim SVP of Content

A seasoned digital media executive and live action producer with extensive Hollywood and entrepreneurial gaming experience, stepped in as interim SVP of Content for a major media company. In this role, he created and executed a successful digital content strategy for mobile platforms for the client.

Case Study: Non Profit IT Implementation

A former PwC partner with more than 20 years of experience served as an advisor, project leader, and hands-on implementer to a non-profit organization. His role bridged the gap between client leadership and resources to complete a large-scale ERP implementation.

Case Study: Non Profit Skill Gap Support

Over several years and with multiple consultants, BTG supported the transformation of a major global foundation after change in leadership. Following sudden growth, the foundation needed to build more robust business skills and augment personnel in finance and operations. One of the interim executives BTG provided was a Wharton MBA with 10 years of direct operations management experience in both private equity and in the foundation world.

Case Study: Corporate Strategy and Capabilities Assessment

An ex-Bain and Bridgespan consultant helped the board of a global firm develop a new corporate strategy. She helped them shift their thinking in a very profound way to consider the true mission of the company. She also worked with them to reduce risk, both on the cost and revenue side.

Case Study: Interim Education Management

BTG deployed an accomplished interim leader, and McKinsey and client alumni, to help an Ivy League professional school “save” an academic year when its head of admissions unexpectedly departed. The results for the school: the highest acceptance yield on record and a fresh approach to admissions.

Case Study: Assessing the Automotive Market

A global aerospace manufacturer was looking to expand its modest presence in the automotive sector. Thanks to increased interest in electric vehicles, market demand for its technologies was growing. How best to capitalize on the opportunity?

BTG’s three-person team was led by an automotive expert with more than 25 years of strategy experience at General Motors. Supporting him were two engineers who specialized in electric vehicles.

After reviewing the client’s product lines and manufacturing capabilities, the team outlined and prioritized the automotive applications that were most promising. They highlighted the company’s strengths and weaknesses in the new market and outlined acquisition opportunities. Finally, they presented to the company’s board of directors and proceeded to the next phase of work: creating a market entry strategy.

Case Study: Go-To-Market Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant with a background in automotive product design and procurement, helped our client develop a plan to take their new technology, previously not used in cars, to automotive manufacturers. He went well beyond strategy to execute on finding new customers, unlocking a new industry for the client.

Case Study: Business Unit Creation and Strategy

A consultant with executive experience at UBS serving a B2B services company, led the creation of a new corporate marketing function. The consultant worked with management to design, size and establish governance for the group. She then assumed a formal interim CMO role with the company.

Case Study: International Retail Strategy

A former retail executive helped a specialty retailer launch its first international outlet in the UK. Drawing from deep on-the-ground experience, he oversaw all aspects of business and operational planning from site selection to store layout.

Case Study: Navigating A Carve-Out Acquisition

A leading industrial company faced unchartered waters: for the first time, it was making a substantial “carve-out acquisition” from a competitor. The internal acquisition team had only handled much smaller and fully absorbed acquisitions. The division’s EVP wanted to support the team and mitigate the risks involved in the acquisition. He reached out to Business Talent Group with two simple questions: could BTG provide a consulting executive who could help the team anticipate, assess, prioritize, and resolve issues? Second, could BTG structure the project to support, not supplant, the internal acquisition leader, while maximizing knowledge transfer?

BTG selected an experienced executive who had led both strategic and operational aspects of major M&A situations in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We engaged the consultant to act as a kind of “private adviser” to the client’s head of acquisitions. Seasoned and highly intuitive, he was able to read both corporate cultures and impart credibility and confidence to the entire acquisition team. He anticipated problems, structured transition services, analyzed options, and more.

Thanks to BTG’s model, the client was able to engage this consultant at exactly the right pace. Once the acquisition was completed, the client eagerly hired our consultant for follow-on work to support the integration.

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