Case Study: Health Plan Growth Strategy

A former Wellpoint strategy executive helped the marketing team of a major health plan provider. Over the course of 6 months, the consultant worked closely with the team to grow market share as well as develop a long-term retention strategy.

Case Study: Digital Product Support

When most companies hire interim executives, they look for someone who has the same skills as the departing exec. But when the marketing team at a global financial services company turned to BTG for support during a key leader’s maternity leave, we recommended a different approach.

The company had just developed a new tax-reporting application, and the team was struggling to keep up with all the work that attended its launch. So BTG worked with executives to craft a 3-month project that would focus exclusively on ensuring the new product’s success. We delivered an experienced product development expert who had worked at American Express and NBCUniversal, and who spearheaded efforts to define the new product’s target audience, develop its positioning, and create a content strategy. By the time the internal executive returned, BTG’s consultant handed off a comprehensive communications strategy and numerous supporting pieces of content.

Case Study: Interim Ecommerce CMO

A former McKinsey consultant/Google executive was engaged by a leading eCommerce company to serve as temporary CMO. Among her achievements, she coordinated and advised on psychographic segmentation and channel strategy.

Case Study: Vendor Selection Process Diagnostic and Redesign

A change-management specialist led an internal work stream at a F200 pharma company to assess its creative service providers and streamline the vendor selection process.

Case Study: Brand Strategy

A marketing executive with experience at McKinsey, Bank of America, and GE provided hands-on support to a client’s internal marketing team. With the assistance of the consultant, the team launched a new brand strategy.

Case Study: Optimizing Marketing Spend

The COO of a major broadcasting company faced an enviable problem. Suddenly, one of the company’s new programs was a hit, with an audience that represented a new and appealing demographic segment. How could he and the CMO quickly adjust marketing spend to capture and serve this segment for the long term?

Looking for advice on a segment that was relatively unknown to the company, the executives reached out to Business Talent Group (BTG) for help. Initially, the client requested an experienced media executive who could give them the confidence they needed to move forward. As BTG discussed the situation with the CMO, however, it became clear that—though he had some terrific data—he also had unanswered questions about the segment that required more analysis.

BTG thus proposed a two-person hybrid team. The former President of Marketing at a top entertainment company had deep experience with the new demographic and could offer a quick injection of insights and connections. An expert management consultant, formerly part of McKinsey’s global media practice, could take on a structured analysis of the situation.

The team quickly created a workplan that maximized the interplay of their insights and skillsets. The executive worked mostly offsite, while the consultant worked onsite, in close coordination with the marketing organization. Thanks to an effective mix of analysis, insights, and connections, the team was able to create a compelling set of recommendations, which company execs quickly embraced and executed. A low-six-figure, two-month project resulted in rapid adjustments that captured a rare opportunity and still-growing ROI.

Case Study: Customer Loyalty Program Development

A consumer media company was rapidly losing market share to online players. Yet the management team felt it had a unique market niche and a valuable customer base. How could the company keep those customers engaged and, more importantly, loyal? Could a loyalty program like those in the airline and drugstore businesses help?

BTG connected the company with a marketing executive who had spent her career crafting loyalty programs across the travel, hospitality, and consumer services industries. She worked alongside the head of marketing and a number of cross-functional teams, spearheading analyses and anticipating potential systems and operational challenges.

From the program’s initial development to its implementation and post-launch management, she offered quick analysis and valuable insights. The program launched on time and on budget and has subsequently been credited with helping to reverse the company’s unstable financial trajectory.

Case Study: Marketing Vendor Strategy

A former J&J VP-level marketing executive worked with a major gaming company, ultimately helping them streamline agency relationships.

Case Study: Digital Marketing Organization Redesign

A senior executive with 20+ years of creative experience at companies like ROLL Corporation and E! worked with a leading entertainment company to redesign their digital marketing organization, including initiating new ways to more directly communicate with the end user.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy

A former Booz and Accenture consultant and life-cycle management expert, with operating experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Becton Dickinson, helped a global pharma giant’s research team analyze patient trends and market demand to identify new bio markers for a mature drug.

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