[PODCAST] The Agile Company and the High-End Gig Economy

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Posted by Leah Hoffmann in Future of Work on Oct 24th, 2018 16:54 CDT

According to research by Korn-Ferry, the global talent crunch could cost nations trillions of dollars in unrealized revenues. Our CEO, Jody Miller, spoke to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Carol Massar and Jason Kelly in a podcast about why high-end independent talent could help companies address that problem.

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What they talked about

As today’s companies look to grow and invest, companies like Business Talent Group (BTG) are seeing huge demand for high-end independent talent, particularly in niche areas like digital technology and new business growth.

What do those people look like? Generally speaking, they have MBAs from top universities and have worked at leading consulting firms and companies. They are independent by choice, enjoying the freedom of being able to help companies solve specific, complex problems, then move to a new opportunity.

So why are big companies interested? The heightened focus on building an agile company has led executives to recognize that having fast access to top talent is a competitive advantage. “Instead of doing a search that might take three to nine months, if you can bring in talent in a few days, that lets you move faster,” Miller said.

The most sophisticated companies, in fact, take a systematic approach to capturing the benefits of this new resource by setting up enterprise-wide on-demand talent programs.

Miller also spoke about independent talent in the context of Business Talent Group’s recent investment from Kelly Services. Kelly Services, as Miller pointed out, has always focused on specialty talent. In BTG and our segment of the market, she noted, “they see a kind of specialty talent that none of the staffing firms thus far have had access to.”

Working With Independent Consultants

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Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann

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