Pharma/Life Science

Case Study: Product Pipeline Assessment

A global Life Sciences company needed needed a fresh look at the competitiveness of its US portfolio with respect to current products and the 5-year pipeline. Lacking the internal resources to complete the project—and hoping to avoid the heavy footprint of a traditional consulting firm—the CEO of the company’s US operations turned to BTG.

BTG’s 3-person team of experienced consultants and practitioners delivered a quick, actionable assessment of the medium-term competitiveness of the company’s portfolio. They then developed a series of strategic options the company could use over the next 5 years to strengthen its relative position. The team’s operating experience expedited the deliverable and added valuable
market context—at a total cost of less than one-third of what a big consulting firm would have charged.

Case Study: Life Science Project Management

A former McKinsey project manager with specific experience at tech/innovation firms led an internal innovation project team at a life sciences company, coordinating outside vendors and turning around the previously behind-schedule project.

Case Study: Vendor Selection Process Diagnostic and Redesign

A change-management specialist led an internal work stream at a F200 pharma company to assess its creative service providers and streamline the vendor selection process.

Case Study: Business Development Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant helped the digital group at a major pharmacy company build their e-commerce business.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy

A former Booz and Accenture consultant and life-cycle management expert, with operating experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Becton Dickinson, helped a global pharma giant’s research team analyze patient trends and market demand to identify new bio markers for a mature drug.

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