Don’t Mess With Texas!

Posted by Michelle Madden in News on Nov 17th, 2016 04:09 CDT

…or the women at the Texas Conference for Women, for that matter…..On Nov 15th, the biggest conference for women in Texas (7200 guests) was held in Austin, and included:  Amal Clooney, Diane VonFurstenberg, Abby Wambach and our CEO Jody Miller.

Jody hosted a panel on, “Career Transitions: Pivoting into Career 2.0.”    (She is particularly qualified since by age 48 she had had 7 careers and 12 jobs.)

We know the world of work is changing – work security is gone (the average job tenure is now 4.5 yrs down from 4.2 yrs just 5  yrs ago – for women, it’s gone from 4.5 to 4.0.)  And 1/3 of the workforce is now taking on independent projects.  So ….

How DO you succeed in this new world of work?

  1. Be a futurist.  Have a thesis about where the world is going, and think about how you’re going to fit into it.
  2. Be a self-analyst.  Know what you want, when you want it, and regularly monitor it.
  3. Have “learning-agility”. Develop a lifelong ability to build skills, and always be in a learning mind-set.
  4. Build your network.  Find a few people who respect you, who you respect and who will make a call for you when it matters
  5. Be a story teller.  Resumes, alone, won’t tell your story
  6. Be comfortable with risk and uncertainty. Because it’s not going away.

This was the wisdom that Jody gave.

To hear more about the Future of Work, check out Jody’s pieces in the Harvard Business Review and The Wall St Journal along with many other publications.

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