Behind the Buzzword: Digital Health

what is digital health

Like many fast-moving, tech powered domains, digital health has gone by a number of different names throughout the years: eHealth, mobile health, health 2.0, and connected health, to name a few. Proponents promise nothing less than a revolution. Digital health, they say, can deliver more…


New eBook – How Life Science Can Win With Digital Health

digital health and life science

Digital health and life science seem like a match made in heaven, promising not just to increase patient adherence but boost engagement, improve outcomes, and add billions of dollars in incremental revenue over the next few years. Yet to succeed in beyond the pill, life…


How to Calculate Value in Digital Health

digital health value: person pushing buttons on a calculator

What’s the best way to calculate the value in digital health investments? There are already a number of highly-publicized measures. Unfortunately, most decision makers have limited tools for assessing value in digital health, largely because quantitative data is still in relatively short supply. Thanks to…


Top 3 Business Problems – Digital Health and Marketing

digital health and marketing

Digital disruption has opened up a lot of opportunities in life sciences, from direct sales to data analysis. But what’s the best way to capture them? Business Talent Group’s on-demand digital experts combine cutting-edge skills with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and geographies to bring…


5 Tips For Maximizing Digital Health Engagement

digital health engagement: woman on her phone looking at health apps

Digital health engagement is a hot topic these days. It accounts for much of the gap between successful clinical trials and real-world adoption/results. And yet, because it’s complex—and because consumer engagement in healthcare is different than it is in other industries—it’s more talked about than…


Digital Health Data Strategy

The director of digital health at a F200 pharma company was developing a new patient adherence device. The goal: to use real-time usage data to improve care and enhance the patient experience. Yet the team was having difficulty determining what information to collect—and developing a…


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