4 Myths About Freelance HR Consultants

freelance hr consultants - Temple Of Olympians

Disrupting long-stable industries can be invigorating, but for many of those industries’ incumbent organizations, it’s also a sudden wake-up call. Businesses that are bigger and better-established often struggle to pivot, because they’re not as nimble as the disruptors. Those who succeed do so because they’ve…


Reinventing Hiring: Jobs in the Gig Economy

gig economy jobs - business handshake

As individuals, it’s not hard to feel the effects of accelerating technological change. Companies—not to mention public policy—move more slowly. Most organizations already recognize the advantages that technological advancement offers: enhanced organizational agility, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. Yet the monumental challenge of overhauling outdated,…


How Procurement Can Drive New Business Growth

procurement business growth

According to Ardent Partners, 71% of executives cite agility as one of their top business challenges, and 64% say it’s a struggle to find, engage, and source the right talent across the enterprise. All of this carries big implications for Procurement and HR leaders when…


How Can HR Help Fight Burnout?

employee burnout: lit match burning down

Whether it’s because of a heavy workload or stress at home—or both—nearly every employee has suffered employee burnout. Unfortunately, the consequences often go beyond the individual to impact entire teams and organizations. Fortunately, there are steps Human Resource leaders can take to curb burnout. The…


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