What’s The Best Way To Measure Innovation ROI?

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According to the Gartner 2018 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, respondents who believe their company is an “innovation pioneer” reached a high last year of 41 percent, up from 27 percent in 2013. Responders are taking some measure of credit for moving their organizations…


Top 3 Business Problems – Technology

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From acquisitions to project management, agility is everything in tech. Yet, too often, a company’s ability to innovate is constrained by drawn-out hiring processes, competition for top talent, and rapidly evolving markets. Enter on-demand technology consultants. Business Talent Group’s on-demand technology consultants combine deep industry…


Why is Innovation So Hard At Big Companies?

lean startup innovation

If you’re responsible for launching new products, you’ve probably come across Eric Ries’s best-selling book, The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup methodology—which was created to help founders in Silicon Valley build better products—is incredibly useful for new companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to create…


Top 3 Business Problems – November

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At Business Talent Group, we help clients address business problems across different industries and functions. At this time of year, much of our work is focused on helping execs get things done before 2016 is over — and ensuring a strong finish. Here are this…


Is Your Company Innovative? Take This Quiz

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Due to increased competition and the accelerated pace of business, management is increasingly pressured to be more innovative. However there is often tension within a company between defending their core business and moving into new growth areas. What do innovative, high performing companies have in…


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