6 Financial Best Practices for New Consultants

6 Financial Best Practices for New Consultants: Calculator, spreadsheet, and pen

This general information is not legal, financial, or tax advice and is being provided for educational purposes only. You should talk to a licensed accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor to see what’s right for you. When you thought about starting your consulting business, there were…


Work and Wellness: How We Can Stay Healthy Together

We designated the month of September “Wellness Month” at Business Talent Group (BTG). One of the driving reasons for my joining BTG just about a year ago was the organization’s core values, which underpin our company culture. With wellbeing a top priority in our company,…


How to Handle a Tough Conversation With a Client

How to Have a Tough Conversation with a Client: Illustration of two speech bubbles, one with an exclamation point and one with a question mark

No matter what type of consulting business you run, you will eventually have to face difficult client conversations. Even if you rarely make mistakes and deliver top-notch customer service, problems will occasionally arise in client relationships. A client might get upset because they aren’t happy…


How to Start a Career in Independent Consulting

How to Start a Career as an Independent Consultant: Cracked door with light shining through

With the right tools and resources, starting your consulting practice can be a lucrative and rewarding experience. Let’s look at six steps you can take to start a career in independent consulting. 1. Choose Your Niche The easiest way to stand out from other consultants…


Project Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Project Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams: Illustration of laptop with icons of team members connected to various collaboration tools

  For the time being, tens of millions of people are remote workers, whether they want to be or not. But for some of us, collaborating with a remote team is just another part of doing business. At Business Talent Group, we’ve long championed alternatives…