Digital Overload for Consultants: 5 Tips to Help You Cope

Digital Overload For Consultants 5 Tips To Help You Cope - Woman working after hours at her computer

Technology is an integral part of our lives, especially if you’re self-employed. As a consultant, your smartphone and laptop make it possible for you to find new clients and work with them remotely. But along with the many positive benefits of technology, it also brings…


Wellness Ideas and Resources for Remote Workers

In today’s world of remote work, pandemic-related stress, and economic fluctuation, mental and physical health all too often take a backseat to more seemingly urgent matters. Earlier this year, a CDC study showed that the percentage of adults with recent symptoms of anxiety and depression…


Is TikTok a Good Fit for Independent Talent?

If you’ve spent any time online, you probably know that TikTok steamrolled into the social game with high levels of success. You may even be tired of hearing about TikTok if you haven’t given it a try yourself. What started as, a platform predominantly…


10 Tips For Virtual Presentations And Public Speaking

10 Tips For Virtual Presentations And Public Speaking - person presenting via digital platform

Mention public speaking and most people will tell you how much it terrifies them. In fact, the fear is so real, there’s an actual term for it—glossophobia! Yet, good public speaking skills are often considered an essential skill for independent consultants. Speaking opportunities are a…


Virtual Networking: How to Stay Connected in a Remote Work World

Virtual Networking How To Stay Connected In A Remote Work World - Wooden blocks with chat icons connected by string

Does virtual networking feel awkward to you? Does the thought of asking strangers for a favor make you cringe a little bit? You’re not alone! According to research, “Unlike personal networking in pursuit of emotional support or friendship… instrumental networking in pursuit of professional goals…


18 Video Interview Tips to Ace Your Next Client Call

18 Video Interview Tips to Ace Your Next Client Call - Icons illustrating steps in video interview process

Video interviews are a crucial part of an independent professional’s career. Once you’ve worked to identify clients in need of your services, it’s time to begin interviewing so you can start building your project pipeline. However, client interviews can be nerve-wracking—even for the most confident…


Collaborating Effectively: How to Get Buy-In from Key Stakeholders

Collaborating Effectively - How to Get Buy-In from Key Stakeholders - Smiling man sitting at computer

Securing buy-in from key stakeholders is an art—and critical to ensuring a project’s success. Getting leaders with competing agendas and other consultants with conflicting schedules on the same page can be tricky. Pair those challenges with navigating an organization that’s already facing significant change and…


5 Common Mistakes New Consultants Make And How to Avoid Them

5 Common Mistakes New Consultants Make And How to Avoid Them - "Oops!" spelled out in large block letters

Remote work has steadily been picking up traction over the past decade, but it reached a whole new level in 2020. Many companies were forced to lay off full-time employees and instead began relying on freelancers and independent consultants. If you’re thinking about starting your…


6 Financial Best Practices for New Consultants

6 Financial Best Practices for New Consultants: Calculator, spreadsheet, and pen

This general information is not legal, financial, or tax advice and is being provided for educational purposes only. You should talk to a licensed accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor to see what’s right for you. When you thought about starting your consulting business, there were…